DMK comes alive


GOSPEL outfit DMK had to be at their best last week during their concert at Shepard Arena in Ndola as they celebrated the life of the late member Mark who passed on last July.
The concert was dubbed ‘Celebrating Life of Mark’, and not surprisingly, a number of gospel musicians joined in the concert. Paul Tembo aka MP, Pastor Mumba, Reuben, Chifundo, Francis and Musama were all part of the supporting cast.
The group was returning to the stage as DMK for the first time since their last concert at Mikomfwa Grounds in Luanshya before the death of Mark. Therefore, the concert was a comeback wrapped in some sort of grief. Still, it was about celebrating the life of Mark.
The surviving duo (Kelvin Mwaba and Davies Ingwe), clad in snow white attire from top to bottom, looked immaculate if not rejuvenated.
They even had a new song titled Filembulule, a Bemba song which in its loose translation means ‘rewrite them’. The song seemed to have been appreciated by the audience. Although Mark contributed to the writing of the song, it now seems as though it is the group’s dirge to him because it has been produced posthumously.
Another new song was Follow which added colour to new releases. The song is currently number one on some radio charts.
But the old favorites were there; songs like Kalima Masaka, Bana Bamfumu and Worry Not. When the old songs were sung, the audience was on its feet dancing and singing along.
MP, whose most popular song is Nankwe Nankwe Yesu, only did one song titled Fikakulandilako. Still, the audience appreciated his appearance.
Other artistes who gave DMK a supporting hand are Adonai Singer’s Pastor Mumba who sung Mwebapulamo; Reuben – Palibe Isenge; Stanslous – Nimwefye Mweka; Chifundo – Mundwile; Francis – Kadonki; Suna – Mwalichila Efyo Twamishiba; and Musama – Mwali Ibela.

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