Diversify your businesses, Livingstone SMEs told

Livingstone City.

THE Livingstone Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has urged upcoming entrepreneurs in the tourist capital to

diversify their businesses from the mainstream tourism to other sectors.
LCCI is a non-governmental organisation affiliated to the Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI), and the local voice of Livingstone’s business community.
LCCI executive officer Malte Beierd said there is need for entrepreneurs to diversify and consider investing in the food industry to enable them supply their products to tourists.
Mr Beierd observed that most entrepreneurs in Livingstone are solely reliant on mainstream tourism as a means of generating income. He said this income is not sufficient for self-sustenance.
Mr Beierd said in an interview that different sectors of the economy provide various opportunities for the business community in Livingstone.
“I am not saying it is a bad thing that we are depending on tourism but I would like to encourage anyone that wants to step into the business world to look at other options besides tourism as a means of generating income.
“Of course one would have to venture into a business line that they are sure and very knowledgeable of. I would like to encourage them to take a step,” he said.
Mr Beierd said it is challenging to start a business and urged entrepreneurs against limiting themselves to the tourism sector because Livingstone is a tourist capital with vast opportunities.

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