Diversification key to water companies’ survival

WHEN the coronavirus reached Zambia, the country’s landscape shifted and many sectors were shaken.
Education, commerce and trade, and health, just to mention a few, dipped and what is now being called the new normal emerged.
Zambians, just like millions across the globe, had to adjust to doing things differently.
Businesses have been turned upside-down, health facilities have been overwhelmed with massive pressure exerted by COVID-19 and the turning wheels of the national economy have been slowed.
This overnight turnaround in the way life was viewed triggered President Edgar Lungu to make key directives that would help the country stay safe in the presence of COVID-19.
Bars were indefinitely closed, churches, funerals, weddings and other gatherings were also checked.
Office work schedules were redesigned, wearing face masks was made mandatory, social distancing was encouraged and the constant washing of hands with soap and CLICK TO READ MORE

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