Diverse views on Valentine’s Day

REGARDLESS of the different opinions about Valentine’s Day, more roses and chocolate will exchange hands.

‘LOVE is in the air’ is a common catch-phrase during the month of February, which is also known as the month of love, and come Thursday, the 14th, it will be romantic candle light dinners, red dinner dresses and red roses for many women.
And why not, women are known to be more expressive emotionally, hence business houses have come up with special offers meant to appeal more to women and encourage men to spend on their partners.
But not everyone is buying into this kind of love.
To some men, Valentine’s Day presents unrealistic ideas about love only meant to create business for retailers selling paraphernalia that symbolise love such as cards, roses, chocolate and lingerie.
One may conclude that many men will be unwilling partners on Valentine’s Day, doing it just for the sake of their partners.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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