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‘Distance killing expectant mothers’

LUMEZI District health director Evan Phiri says the area is recording high numbers of maternal deaths because women cover long distances to the nearest health facility.
Dr Phiri said most maternal deaths being recorded in the district are in Mwanya chiefdom because women there cover a distance of 12 kilometres to the nearest health facility.
“It takes six hours to take a woman who is in labour to the nearest health facility,” he said in an interview.
Dr Phiri said the road network has contributed to high maternal mortality.
He said bearing in mind the poor road network and the long distances covered to get to the nearest health facilities, women should prepare well.
He said the community has also contributed to high maternal deaths because people do not accept to be attended to by a male nurse.
Dr Phiri said there is need to sensitise people that male nurses are as important as females and they cannot harm expectant mothers.

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