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Disrespectful son-in-law fined

A MAN of Lusaka’s Chawama Township who had made a habit of insulting his mother-in-law each time he was drunk has been slapped with a K1, 000 fine by the Chawama Local Court.
Richard Sampa, 22, was before senior court magistrates Gaston Kalala and Mubukwanu Matakala in a matter in which his mother-in-law Christine Namutoshi, 43, had sued him for compensation for insults.
Namutoshi of Chawama Township told the court that Sampa was married to her daughter and that the two have a child.
She said although she has accepted Sampa as an in-law, he seems to take pleasure in insulting her at the market where she has a makeshift stall.
“I have practically been stripped naked by Sampa with his insults. Every time he has a fight with my daughter, he comes to the market to insult us. I have tried to talk to him about it but he seems unrepentant. I once reported him to the chairperson at the market but nothing has changed,” she said.
She said on August 11, Sampa followed them to the market to ask for money for alcohol. Namutoshi said Sampa started insulting her and attracting attention from other traders. To avoid confrontation, Namutoshi said she left her trading spot.
“When I got back to my stall, I found that Sampa was beating my daughter with their baby on her back. People were trying to separate them and immediately he saw me, he started with the insults. That’s the reason I have brought him here, I am tired of his behaviour,” she said.
But Sampa told the court that the money he had gone to get from his wife was his hard earned money. He got agitated when his wife refused to give him the money but at no point did he insult Namutoshi.
“She just upset me when she started saying I should leave my child because the baby was not mine. Then she even got my wife from my home but I never insulted her,” he said.
The court in passing judgment upheld the claim and reprimanded Sampa for his unruly behaviour. He was ordered to pay K1, 000 in monthly instalments of K100 starting at August monthend.
The court also advised Namutoshi to get her daughter from Sampa’s home because cohabiting is not marriage. Namutoshi was urged to instead find something constructive for her daughter rather than force her to live with a man simply because she has a child with him.

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