Letter to the Editor

Dismissal of 77 civil servants good signal

Dear editor,
THE dismissal of 77 civil servants by the Civil Service Commission in the first quarter of 2019 is a strong warning to those engaging in corruption and other vices.
The civil service has been known for all the wrong things such as corruption, absenteeism, late coming and knocking off before time.
It is a known fact that the civil service has been one of the major stumbling blocks to the performance of governments in power.
Despite the government in power coming up with good policies, it depends on the civil service to implement them.
While civil servants have over the years gotten accustomed to vices detrimental to service delivery, there is hope that things are bound to change with such actions as dismissals for erring officers.
The dismissal of the 77 civil servants will certainly work as a deterrent to would-be offenders.
Those who are already in the habit of engaging in vices but somehow escaped the net should know that their days are numbered. There is nothing hidden forever under the sun.
I urge the commission not to relent but to continue working to rid the service of all the bad elements that give the civil service a bad name.
At a time that jobs are scarce, I believe the country is not short of capable Zambians to replace them.

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