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Dishonesty ruins relationships

Love & Life Issues with EMMANUEL MUKULA
SOMETIMES, it is difficult to know the true colours of your partner while in courtship until such a time that you decide to enter into marriage. However, there are some characteristics in people that cannot be tolerated and don’t expect them to go away once in marriage.

It is better to be single than end up with a person who will only make you unhappy. People should learn to be truthful in courtship and not live a lie. Some people lie about everything, starting from their lifestyle, family, education to their age.

Some people get into courtship with the sole motive of getting married as a result, they end up pretending to be what they are not to impress their partner. At times it is even difficult to tell whether the person you are dating is only taking you for a ride or intends to settle down with you. Others will go into a relationship to get over a broken heart.
Some are good at saying all the sweet little nothings until they get what they want from you. Being in courtship is an investment and it is not right to get involved with a time waster.
Yes, there is no perfect marriage requires that a couple are friends, honest and faithful. A relationship should not only be about sex or beauty, there should be more to it. Be with someone who makes you smile, who makes you laugh and supports you. Always remember it costs nothing to tell the truth but telling lies can cost you everything.
In conclusion “Kindness makes a man attractive. And it is better to be poor than dishonest” Proverbs 19:22. People should start to date with the right motives and not waste the best years of someone’s life while making them think there is a future for them together.
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