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‘Do not discriminate ex-prisoners’


COMMISSIONER for prisons Percy Chato has advised families and friends against discriminating inmates once they are re-integrated into society.
Mr Chato said in an interview that discriminating against ex-prisoners is still a serious challenge in society as they are labelled as condemned people.
He said the situation is especially worse for ex-female prisoners who prefer to seek for refuge from ‘Good Samaritan homes’ once their families are unwilling to accommodate them.
“The issue of discrimination is still a serious problem in society, the prisons administration has started sensitisation campaigns through the media and public foras to educate people on the need to accept prisoners once they are released,” Mr Chato said.
And Mr Chato has dispelled corruption allegations during the process of release of prisoners, saying inmates undergo various processes and medical examinations before they are considered for release.
“Some of the recommendations include good behaviour of the inmate, life threatening conditions, inmates who have undergone skills training programmes which would allow them to engage in income generating ventures or be employed and also depending on how long someone has served their sentence,” he said.
He said when prisoners are released the Extension Services Unite ensures that they settle and reunite with their families or friends.
Mr Chato said the Offender Management Unit also ensures repatriation of ex- prisoners to their various destinations.
Meanwhile eight female inmates where last year released on Presidential amnesty on Christmas day.
Mr Chato said currently there are 527 female inmates against 18,109 male inmates countrywide.

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