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ISN’T it interesting how, when we are young, we all seem to have that one thing they want to be when they grow up?
And even before an adult tells us, we appear to have it all figured out? Why do you think that is so?
Could it be that before we are born we know exactly what we have been engineered to be, or maybe that God tells us precisely who we are?
If that is the case why do we struggle to really know that one thing that we are? And how is it that one of the toughest things to do as a human being is to know who you are, to decipher unerringly what your purpose is?
Is there something that influences us to miss it?
Yes, there are primarily two things that influence individuals, from the time of birth, to know what they want or not want to become.
The first is the culture and environment they are exposed to, and the second the intuition one is born with.
Both of these make us inclined to certain things.
Culture is pretty straight forward and can easily be used as an influencer.
By exposing young ones to certain things we can make them inclined to something and by so doing cause them to believe that is their calling.
However, the trouble with this is that it causes much limitation since in most cases it has boundaries and thus leads most people to assume what they want to do is wrong because it is not socially prestigious.
Intuition, on the other hand, has everything to do with the gift one is born with, the gift given by God.
For example, from the time I was about 10 years old I knew beyond reasonable doubt that I wanted to be a doctor.
Today I write, lecture, do consultancy work and I am a public speaker. What happened? Could I have been wrong about being a doctor?
Wait a minute, the question is am I not a doctor?
After failing to study medicine I was, for many years, embarrassed to say that had been my childhood dream because I thought it was just some excitement I could have had, until one day I got an epiphany that not all doctors are medical doctors and that what makes one a doctor is not entirely a PhD.
In fact one may have studied medicine, have a PhD and not be a gifted doctor.
Now a doctor is just someone with the ability to give a prognosis to heal or change a diagnosed problem to a better state.
That being true, I should state that while medical doctors analyse physical health; I analyse the state of the innate being, diagnosing situations and giving prognosis that change individuals’ minds to a better state; to be more accurate I help people discover who they are. Like I am doing now.
In the same way, a child who says they want to be a policeman or woman.
Has it ever occurred to you that that child could be referring to the attributes of being a police officer, which is policing or rather aiding people to keep the law, but have no better way of explaining it than to say policeman?
As an individual you have to learn that just because culture says it like that doesn’t mean it is gospel truth.
You got to be open-minded and think outside the box! How do you think fellas like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edson and Galileo came up with all those inventions?  They dared to defy society, they questioned and thought ‘what if there is another way to look at this?’
So yes, you have not lost your childhood dream, you just need to look at it differently. You are a misfit and you will be in history books.
The author is the proprietor of Enoit Consultancy, a writer, trainer and consultant in image, career and personal development.


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