Letter to the Editor

Disappointing service providers

Dear Editor
Allow me space in your paper to air my disappointment in the manner in which Zamtel is providing its services.
On October 31,  2014 about 10:00 hours,  I topped up my account with a K10 using ZANACO XAPIT but when I checked my balance, it showed that my account was  K0.0040.
I then tried to get a credit, the text showed me that I had a credit of K2.
Then I topped up again with a K5 using Zanaco xapit, but up to the point of writing this letter, my account had not been credited even when Zanaco has deducted from my account.
Who is to blame; ZANACO or ZAMTEL?  Whoever it is, please bring back my money.  You have made me lose out on business.
ZICTA, can you help? I wonder how many people lose their money through the same system.

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