Disability not inability

HOME of Happiness Special Care Centre director Bernadette Mindel (second left) with some volunteer teachers. PICTURE: MIKE MUGALA

FOR children with disabilities and learning disorders, accessing quality special education is a hurdle that has proven too difficult to overcome.
Such children usually face multiple forms of social exclusion, often limiting their participation in their community. It could also mean that they do not go to school or that they are not given the support that they need.
The Disability and Education study of 2018 estimated that 4.4 percent of children have disabilities. The prevalence varied in provinces, with the highest affected regions being Luapula and Copperbelt provinces among both adults and children.
The most common functional problem reported was with sight; this was followed by problems to do with walking, memory, hearing, self-care and communication.
Maybe the issue can be attributed to stigma or lack of resources or sometimes both which is vividly seen at Home of Happiness Special Care Centre located in Chamba Valley.
The centre is home to 65 vulnerable children; with 50 of them whose ages range from one year to 15 years having disabilities and learning disorders.
Just like their able-bodied colleagues, children with special needs also deserve access to quality education. The plight of children with special needs has been CLICK TO READ MORE

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