Digital finance gurus meet

IN AN effort to advance a cashless economy in the country, several digital finance experts are expected to gather in Lusaka for a two-day discussion on various key issues in the sub-sector.

In the last few years, Government has implemented various directives for the promotion of digital finance and use of electronic payment systems.
The 4th annual digital banking, mobile and card payments summit will run from August 24 to 25 under the theme ‘Strengthening digital finance and innovation in Zambia: what is needed?’
Conference commercial director Christopher Thole said the theme focuses on the current state of infrastructure that can be used to make digital finance possible in Zambia.
In an interview on Tuesday, Mr Thole said that during the conference, the public will be encouraged to use card instead of cash in line with the Bank of Zambia (BoZ) programme to promote a cashless economy.
“The annual All Payments Expo [APEX] will this year bring all key industry players to facilitate a knowledge sharing, discussion and strategy development in this field.
“The BoZ and the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority will also participate on the regulatory side. This year’s conference will focus on advances in digital payments stage. We will bring banks and technology firms to share knowledge,” he said.


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