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Dickson Phiri gives back to less privileged


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EACH time he sings praises to the Lord as he gives back to the vulnerable, Dickson Kadansa Phiri hopes the heavens open up.
His new album is titled See Me Today because the young minister of the gospel has a testimony that should inspire many. Following its release, Dickson has been pouring out his meagre resources to the less privileged in society.
At the Ring Pentecostal Christian Church in Lusaka’s Mtendere East last Saturday, Dickson was overwhelmed by the response he received following his ministry which he has so far extended to his home church.
“I am just from donating groceries which included our stable food mealie-meal and detergents,” Dickson said.
Dickson, who has declared to uphold the teachings of Jesus through his gospel music ministry, also stated that his mission was simply to adhere to the vows that he made with his creator. He endeavours to walk every dream of his life.
“To God I give all the glory because whatever I earn through my music and business ventures, I am indebted to give back every tenth,” he said.
“As gospel artistes, we should ensure that the biblical teachings of ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ is practised so that Jesus can answer our daily prayers,” he said.
By press time, Dickson and his “disciples” were due to make more donations to Action for Zambia Care Orphanage near Chilanga.
And talking about the launch of his video which is due to take place at Lusaka Hotel on June 31, Ephraim (the son of Africa) who features on the song Best Friend, confirmed all roads will lead to the “promised” venue on Cairo Road.
Congregants at the media launch will also be privileged to sample his new songs which will include Nifendele Kumalila, Chikondi Chanu and Uyu Yesu, originally recorded in 2009.
Produced by Jeremiah “The Excellence” Banda, Dickson’s new delivery is one which is surely set to be the salt of the world.
Nay, if the adage “music is the food for body, mind and soul” is to be taken into perspective, Dickson’s new songs are meant to be just that, food for the soul.
His 2009 album was no different. With songs such as Pavonse Wapitamo, Ambuye Sinizaleka Kumu Yamikani and Ine Sindine Mulungu (featuring Bob Muli), all made their way into the hearts of Jehovah’s ambassadors.
And then there were those which comforted, uplifted us all, exalted and praised the name of the Lord such as Amulungu Mundikhurulukile and I’ll never Stop Glorifying Your Name, which has never departed from the mouth of the young Dickson.
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