Diangamo predicts Lungu victory

FORMER Secretary to the Treasury David Diangamo has predicted victory for President Lungu in next month’s general elections.
Mr Diangamo said in Lusaka yesterday that President Lungu has stabilised the economy and won the confidence of many Zambians.
“The race is tight but victory for President Lungu is certain. Before President Lungu took over the reign of power, there was a lot of uncertainty but since he became President, there is certainty and stability,” he said.
Mr Diangamo said there is also massive infrastructure development ranging from roads, schools to health facilities.
“Just look at Lusaka, it is now a modern city. Look at the Mongu- Kalabo road. Development is everywhere and investors are coming and the Patriotic Front is very organised,” he said.
Mr Diangamo said the pact between PF the MMD has strengthened the ruling party further.

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