Letter to the Editor

Development is for all Zambians

Dear Editor,
It is amazing to see certain opposition councillors in this era and age  think they can fool Zambian people by claiming that the PF government can only deliver development to those areas where the electorate voted for the ruling party.
I see this as a most unfortunate situation which shows lack of education among such councillors and it is a high level of indiscipline.
How can we spend huge sums of money to fund by-elections caused by disgruntled leaders.
Such characters need to be punished by not being re-elected if they happen to be re-adopted by the ruling party for the unnecessary by-elections they would have caused.
This behaviour is unacceptable and it shows the poor calibre of some leaders. Developing the nation is an obligation of the party in power.
It is high time we woke up from slumber and barred leaders from fooling us by demanding better laws (constitution)

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