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‘Despite her dismissing me, I persisted’

CHIEF MUTAMBO with his wife Peggy.

FROM the day Chief Mutambo saw Peggy Mukuka, he was captivated by her beauty.
After meeting her in 2003, Chief Mutambo, born Jeremiah Jasusu Mutambo wanted nobody else but Peggy for his wife.
The two met when Peggy took some Chitenge material to his tailoring shop. At the time she had no idea the man who owned the shop was from a royal family.
I then ordered my workers not to give her back her material without my consent because I wanted to know her well,” he said.
Chief Mutambo said although Peggy was not interested in starting a relationship with him, he persisted and approached her with the same proposition the second time she went to his shop. Fortunately for him she was not as dismissive as she was the first time he approached her.
After that, the two slowly became friends and eventually started dating. Over time, he realised that she was reciprocating his feelings for her.
“I noticed that she was also falling in love with me even though she didn’t want to talk about it. She had warmed up to me. For me, she was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with; a woman I had been praying for,” he said.
Spending a lot of time with Peggy enabled Chief Mutambo to get to know her better.
“I had been in failed relationships but after I met her. In my tradition, eloping is acceptable, so for fear of losing her, I invited her to live with me in 2004. She later fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl we named Bertha Nankonde,” he said.
Peggy, the current Namu Zinza (queen) of Katyetye village said she knew nothing about Chief Mutambo the first time he proposed love to her and that was the reason she turned him down.
She thought it was a bit odd that he would propose love to a person he knew nothing about either. She said she did not want to be with someone who just wanted to use her then later dump her.
“I later developed strong feelings for him as a result of spending time together. I fell in love with him because of he was patient, kind, charming, caring and gentle. He charmed me so much I could no longer hide my feelings for him. I was overwhelmed,” she said.
Chief Mutambo said they later decided to formalise their union in church after Peggy had another child.
“We started attending marriage counselling sessions at the Katonga Seventh Day Adventist Church in my chiefdom and last year our marriage was sanctified.We are now very committed Christians and the word of God has been guiding our marriage,” he said.
Meanwhile Chief Mutambo advised youths and young couples to take time in knowing their partners and show commitment in their relationships.
“Nowadays we see young people rushing into marriages without even getting guidance from the elderly. This is what has led to the increase in divorce cases in Zambia; it makes the institution of marriage look like company contracts. Marriage is a sacred institution and if you are not ready, do not rush, take your time,” he said.
And Peggy said people should love each other whole-heartedly but cautioned against loving people on material grounds.
“People fail to stay in marriages these days because they are too concerned about material gains. It is important to love your partner for who they are not and not what they possess because they might lose the wealth.
What’s worse is marrying someone you hardly know and only discover their true colours in marriage when it’s too late. For those intending to get married, spend time and get to know your partners before deciding on marriage because marriage is for life,” she said.
The couple also advised people in their village to desist from the tendency of marrying off their daughters at tender ages in exchange for livestock.

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