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I desire hubby’s touch – wife

IN MARRIAGE, lack of conjugal rights is a basis for divorce. But this wasn’t the case for a sexually starved housewife of Luangwa village whose husband has been denying her conjugal rights for two years claiming he suffers from a backache.
Pricilla Mumba, 27, pleaded to the Chongwe Local Court to reconcile her with her husband who has been denying her sex.
“I do not believe that his backache is the reason we do not make love because he manages to do household chores with no complaints. He has another reason and I want the court to help us. I am a young woman who desires to be touched by my husband,” Mumba said.
This is in a case in which Mumba sued her husband of five years, Michael Phiri, 34, for reconciliation.
Mumba told senior presiding magistrate Lazarus Mwape, who was sitting with senior local court magistrate Petland Mwansa, that in the early year of their marriage, their sex life was good but problems started in 2012 after the couple had a child.
She said in the past two years, she has been forcing her husband to have sex with her.
“I cannot be forcing my husband to make love to me. I do not want to cheat on him and I want another baby.”
But Phiri told the court that Mumba was a nagging wife who talks hours on end. That, he says, puts him off.
“I am a man who is good in bed. My wife knows that. I have no problem but this woman can nag. She puts me off with her abusive language and I find it difficult to make love to her,” Phiri said.
He told the court that he would be able to do what is expected of a husband once Mumba starts respecting him.
Passing judgment, the court reconciled the couple and urged them to start living in harmony.