Letter to the Editor

Depressions on Tokyo road

Dear editor,
THE Tokyo Way, known as Ring Road, has developed several depressions along its stretch.The depressions are not only a danger to motorists but pedestrians as well.
Most motorists end up being bumped up and down when they encounter the depressions – a mark of bad workmanship.
In the interim, the Road Development Agency (RDA) will do well to put up road signs where the depressions are, to warn motorists who are at risk of overturning.
Pedestrians, too, are endangered because they risk falling in those depressions, which are getting deeper by the day.
The Tokyo road is now a case for ‘do good’ by the contractor who built that road.
Where is the consulting engineer and what has the RDA done about that poor workmanship?
Chilenje, Lusaka

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