Letter to the Editor

Department of Wildlife should educate elephant herders

Dear editor,
THE Department of Wildlife must caution elephant herders on the need to be skilful when handling the wild animals to prevent unwanted causalities.
The department must also caution residents against the use of fireworks and other unorthodox means of chasing away the animals when they trespass in residential areas.
As Livingstone residents in some of the affected areas, we should not be blind to the fact that these wild animals are a tourism attraction and their breaking free to roam in selected residential areas is an added attraction.
There is need for residents living near the game wire fence in Kashitu and other areas to be discouraged by the wildlife authority from feeding the wild animals behind the fence.
And, as such, caution should be given to ‘selfie takers’ on the dangers of the untamed animals and that people must ensure that they keep a safe distance from them.
Lastly, the Livingstone City Council must also play its role of protecting the lives of people by not allocating residential plots in areas which are deemed to be in conflict with animal habitation.

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