Letter to the Editor

Denying students food is unacceptable

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to express my disappointment with management of Mufulira College of Education as well as Kitwe College of Education. At these two colleges, students who have not finished paying tuition fees in full have been allowed to attend classes but denied access to the meals even if their balance is K20.

Students have been starving since last Sunday when schools opened. What is even more shocking is that parents were not informed about this development, otherwise we could not have allowed them to report until we found the money. At UNZA and CBU, parents write commitment letters. If denying students food happened after parents defaulted their commitments, I could have understood.

Does management know how these students have been surviving, especially girls? How does management expect these students to concentrate and perform well on empty stomachs? Meanwhile, they are demanding to be paid full amounts, including the days they denied the students food. Such things should never happen in a Christian nation like Zambia. Denying students food can never be justified in any way. Some students have life-threatening health conditions. Therefore, denying them food in my view is criminal and I am asking the appointing authority to look at this matter seriously.


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