Delight at GOtv Zambia

AFTER a rigorous tender process, GOtv Zambia says it is delighted to have been awarded a network licence as the country’s private signal distributor.
GOtv was established in 2011 as a joint venture with the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).
In a statement made available to the Weekend Mail, GOtv Zambia Limited is said to be delighted to have received Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority’s (ZICTA’s) notification of the award of a network licence as Zambia’s private signal distributor. “GOtv Zambia Limited together with GOtv Broadcasting (the content management business) set out with a mission to provide Zambians with fantastic local and international television entertainment,” the statement reads.
“In partnership with ZNBC, GOtv has been providing affordable digital terrestrial television (DTT) services through a network covering 85 percent of the urban population.”
GOtv says this network licence will allow it to continue the existing network services to the content company GOtv Broadcasting – thus providing great digital entertainment which contributes and supports the country’s move to switch from analogue to digital television.
“As a ZNBC partner and a trusted platform for digital migration, GOtv Zambia Limited will continue to distribute GOtv bouquets on behalf of GOtv Broadcasting, giving subscribers access to the best content on the best digital network,” says Ngoza Kasungu-Matakala, GOtv Zambia Ltd managing director.
“Since the network was digital from its inception in 2011, subscribers already have digital decoders and can continue to watch their favourite content unhindered.
“GOtv Zambia Limited is thankful to the Zambian government and ZICTA for the continued opportunities and for creating policies that are conducive for businesses to grow and make a meaningful socio-economic contribution in the country.”

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