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Delays to clear trucks at Katima Mulilo border post

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to air my views on the delays of clearance of goods at Katima Mulilo border post.
According to customs core values, a truck must be cleared within 48 hours or rather two days, which is the maximum. This is not the case at Katima Mulilo.
It’s a total mess.
The least an entry can be assessed, paid for and dispatched is after five days.
Trucks are parked more than a week and this is bad for revenue collection.
Clients are paying huge amounts of standing charges to transporters due to this inefficiency of our officers.
The border is ever congested but when you ask the authority why the trucks are not moving and being assessed on time, they accuse their counterparts in Livingstone of not being effective. Let Government make possible reshuffles at this border so as to enhance efficiency.