Letter to the Editor

Delayed connections in Vorna Valley, Kwamwena not negligence

Dear editor,
THANK you for your professional approach to the concerns raised by the customer in Chamba Valley.

It is very true that the residents have been paying K1,000 connection fees in Vorna Valley and Kwamwena areas for them to be connected to water supply system.
However, Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has engaged a contractor to lay the main pipelines in the Chamba Valley area, of which the process is almost complete.
This will be followed by another process where the main lines will be linked to the houses. We have been giving consent forms which will allow us to access these private properties as a first step.
We have since procured meters, which must be installed simultaneously as we connect the properties. These meters are expected to arrive in about two weeks from the assembly plant.
It must be noted that even after the final connection, we will still ask for patience from the residents to allow us to synchronise and commission the Chamba Valley network to the existing water network so that water can immediately flow to the area upon commissioning.
So the delays have not resulted from negligence but the contractual processes that are target-driven and time-bound. Currently, our teams are in Vorna Valley distributing consent forms so that we do not delay to connect and commission when the meters arrive.
Thank you for raising these concerns. LWSC will not neglect your cause because we exist to serve you.
Manager for Marketing and Public Relations
Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company

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