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Delayed bride price lands man in court

THREE years into marriage, a Lusaka man has been sued by his parents-in-laws for failure to pay bride price.
Before Matero Local Court was Dennis Daka, 36, of George Township who has been sued by his father-in-law Ndudu Mutanaka, 55, of the same neighbourhood for non-payment of bride price.
The court heard that Daka promised to pay K4,500 as bride price in 2012 when he married Mutanaka’s daughter.
Mutanaka told senior court local magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba that all efforts to make Daka pay have failed as he is elusive.
“I want my money as we agreed when he was marrying my daughter. We have tried to meet him so that we discuss but he has been elusive. I don’t understand why he won’t pay when the two are still married,” he said.
But Daka told the court he has managed to pay K400 of the total K4,500.
“I have not refused to pay the money. I have just been having financial difficulties. But I am willing to be paying him K100 monthly until I finish paying the K4,100 remaining balance,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Daka to pay K5,000 as compensation with an initial instalment of K800 effective October month end to be followed by K300 monthly instalments.
The court also castigated Daka for not being serious in paying his bride price.

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