Defilement lands farmer in court

A 28-YEAR-OLD peasant farmer of Siazwela village in Pemba has been found with a case to answer by the Choma Magistrate’s Court for allegedly defiling and impregnating a 15-year-old girl of the same village.
This is in a case in which Tride Mafuta of Chief Moyo’s area in Pemba is charged with defilement.
It is alleged that Mafuta, between October 1 and November 13 last year in Choma, had unlawful carnal knowledge of a girl under the age of 16.
Mafuta, who denied the charge, appeared before magistrate Victoria Chitulangoma on Wednesday.
Testifying in the matter, Inspector Peter Chisenga, of Batoka Community Police Post in Choma, told the court that on June 19 this year, he was on duty when he received a report of defilement from a man.
“The complainant said between October 1 and November 30 last year, his 15-year-old daughter was allegedly defiled by Tride Mafuta of Siazwela village in Pemba district and I also interviewed the victim,” Mr Chisenga said.
He testified that he issued a police medical form to the girl to enable her to get treatment and it was discovered that she was pregnant when she was examined.
“Upon being interviewed, the victim said Mafuta allegedly defiled her in the bush and that he [Mafuta]was responsible for the pregnancy.
“She also said the matter had earlier been reported to Sikalongo Police Station,” Mr Chisenga said.
Mafuta was apprehended and he gave a free and voluntary reply admitting the charge.
“When he [Mafuta] was charged with the offence, he said Ndazumuna [I admit]…I then charged and arrested him,” Mr Chisenga said.
During cross-examination, Mafuta caused laughter in the courtroom when he asked Mr Chisenga to tell the court if the girl told him how she felt during the alleged defilement,
“Did it pain, did my manhood enter completely?” Mafuta said
But Ms Chitulangoma asked Mafuta not to turn her courtroom into a circus because defilement is a serious crime.
She adjourned the case to August 29 this year for Mafuta’s defence.

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