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Defaulting tenant ordered to pay up and move out

A LUSAKA bus driver has been sued by his landlord for non-payment of house rentals amounting to K520.
Victor Phiri, 37, of Chawama Township was sued in the Chawama Local Court by his landlord, Harrison Tembo, 65, of Jack township for payment of K520 and eviction.
Tembo told denior court magistrates Gaston Kalala and Sarah Nyendwa that Phiri moved into one of his houses in April.
“I met him when his relative, who was renting the same house, moved out. We agreed that he will be paying K150 monthly and he paid that monthend. Fortunately for him, his rentals were reduced to K130,” he said.
Tembo said Phiri did not pay his monthly rentals in May and June despite reminding him to settle the arrears many times. He said he decided to report the matter to the police in July.
He said Phiri promised to pay the money in full the following week but he did not.
“He now owes me K520 for the four months. All I want now is for him to pay me the money and move out. I have already given him the eviction notice from September 1 to November 1 so he has enough time to find another house and move out,” Phiri said.
But Phiri told the court that the reason he has not paid him the arrears is because he was out of employment.
“I explained to him that I was not working and therefore would not be able to pay him. I only started work recently and I am only getting paid on the 5th of next month,” he said.
Phiri said it would be unfair for Tembo to ask him to move out because he does not have any money to start paying other landlords.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Phiri to pay Tembo the K780 including rentals for September and October. Phiri was also ordered to move out in November as demanded by Tembo.

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