Deduction of fees at source good – ZIPS


THE Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply (ZIPS) says the decision by Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska to deduct membership fees for the institute at source will enable compliance for people working in purchasing and supply and stores in Government.

ZIPS president Chibwe Mwelwa said this will also ensure effective sustainability of the institute because it depends on subscriptions from members.
Mr Mwelwa said in an interview that the move will further enable ZIPS to carry out more compliance activities and training.
“The institute was formed to train people and we cannot achieve this due to limited funds. We will be able to conduct risk gaps to find out what people are lacking and conduct trainings to enable our Government to achieve value for money.”
Mr Mwelwa said ZIPS is also battling low compliance levels and that only 500 members have paid out of over 6,000 workers in public and private procurement in the country.
“A greater number of these people are working for Government institutions. This is why we should recover membership fees from source so that even the people who are queried and cited in the Auditor General’s report can be dealt with by the institute otherwise they will continue doing the wrong things. We have no legitimate powers over them on account of them not being members of ZIPS,” she said.
He said there is need to affiliate professionals so that they can be censured whenever they err by ZIPS.
Mr Mwelwa said ZIPS has been empowered by the Act to withdraw the licence and punish that person.
“Most eligible people don’t want to belong to ZIPS because if they misconduct themselves, we will call them and suspend them, so they deliberately don’t want to pay up and would rather break the law with impunity but once they pay, then we can call them and censure them, withdraw their licence and publicise their misconduct in the newspaper,” he said.
Meanwhile, Mr Mwelwa said ZIPS and Zambia Qualification Agency have started the process to review the syllabus and harmonise qualifications in the profession which include chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) and ZIPS.
He said this is in view of concerns by some members about qualifying to belong to ZIPS in the wake of various institutions offering courses in purchasing and supply.


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