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My dedication to Vincent Mudenda

Dear editor,
WHEN l started Boxing l was dreaming of representing Zambia at the Olympics games. Thank God that my dream came true when l reached quarter final of the Olympics games in South Korea in 1988.
I also thank God that l also had an opportunity to represent Zambia at the Commonwealth games in Auckland 1990 were l got a bronze medal. In 1989 l reached quarter finals at the world Championship in Russia, the same year l also reached quarter final in Cuba Godova Gardin tournament 1985/1986 l got Bronze Medal at the TSC tournament in Berlin Germany in 1987.
I was disappointed when l was disqualified at the All African games in Kenya East and Central African Championship.
l had five gold medals in different country’s namely Kenya 1985, Mozambique 1986 Zambia 1982 Zimbabwe 1985 l had also silver Medal from Tanzania, I want to dedicate these achievements to the late WO1 Vincent Mudenda who changed my life.
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