Decongesting traffic in Lusaka

ALTHOUGH it pales in comparison with other African cities like Lagos in Nigeria and Cairo, Egypt, the traffic congestion in Lusaka is still always frustrating particularly during peak hours.
One visitor to Lusaka quipped, and rightly so: “How can you enjoy driving in Lusaka with this traffic?”
One media colleague, Bivan Saluseki, who is based in Kitwe, aptly summed up the situation a few days ago: “Goodness with Kitwe: Kitwe – Kalulushi 10 minutes. Kitwe – Ndola 30 min. Kitwe – Luanshya 30 min. Kitwe – Chingola 30 minutes. Kitwe – Mufulira 30 minutes. Kitwe – Lufwanyama 40 minutes. Kitwe – Solwezi 2 hours. Going for work 10 minutes.
“Now Lusaka: Lusaka town centre to Avondale 2 hours. Chilenje 1 hour, Lilayi – Lusaka 2 hours. Chongwe 3 hours. It must be stressful staying in Lusaka.”
Admittedly, there was some exaggeration in his numbers, but there is no denying the fact that the traffic situation in Lusaka has needed some attention for some time now.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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