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Debate on teams hosting league matches gains momentum

Hoops! with MWEMBE KAONA
SINCE last week when I raised the question of whether teams should host league games other points have come up all weighing towards reverting to the old system that places responsibility on clubs to have games on their home courts with away games every alternate week.
It is a decision which members of the Zambia Basketball Federation should debate and implement sooner than later.
As of now it may be comfortable for almost everyone to meet at one base and play before a limited crowd then call it a day.
If teams were to host matches among the accomplishments would be a broadened fan base that would cut across the communities beyond the limits of the National Sports Development Centre which currently host league matches in Lusaka.
At least on the Copperbelt, league matches and youth tournaments rotate around various venues such as the Copperbelt University and Sino-Zam courts in Kitwe, Don Bosco in Chingola and Kalewa Barracks in Ndola.
This consequently spreads the attention of the game across a wider radius.
Copperbelt Basketball Association chairman Andrew Nyirenda and his team are working extremely hard to promote the games across the province and having fixtures played at Kalewa is a big thumbs up.
If top class basketball could be played in areas such as Lusaka West [Nampundwe Mine], Baobab School or Zambia National Service camp in Makeni then the fan base is certain to be widened.
It benefits clubs to host league matches in more ways and other rewards include capacity building of team officials who would have to apply themselves in terms of facility management, marketing of fixtures and revenue generation.
Such skill, if well learnt and applied prepares them for greater responsibilities that stretch to national office.
In terms of technical officials although the low number of referees may not support such an arrangement I am of the view that for there must be a stimulating increase of referees and table officials.
Basketball enthusiasts within the community who may not be able to play or coach can play a part by rendering service as umpires which would be a good starting point in the process of developing national referees.
In support of the enhancement of club management skills, Roy Chisha says as follows:
We agree with you that the structures need to be beefed up. It also becomes difficult to raise funds from corporate companies because clubs don’t seem to be benefiting the communities.
We are working on trying to create synergies to tap into corporate companies to get the support. However, it require an unending need to create content to promote the image of the companies that itself requires clues to have their own business development personal as relationships need to be sustained with corporate companies.
To all readers I trust you had a happy 52nd independence anniversary and have a blessed week!

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