Dealing with Kafue weed

THE invading water hyacinth.

EXPERTS call it water hyacinth, but to many locals it is simply the Kafue weed.
The water hyacinth or the Kafue weed’s scientific name is Eichornia crassipes.
It is a free-floating perennial aquatic plant native to tropical South America but which has spread across the world over the years.
With broad, thick, glossy, ovate leaves, it may rise above the surface of the water as much as one metre in height. The leaves are 10-20 centimetres across and float above the water surface.
It has long, spongy and bulbous stalks. The feathery, freely hanging roots are purple-black.
Also termed as the invasive alien species, they are second only to habitat destruction in their adverse effects on native biodiversity.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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