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‘Deal with power deficit innovatively’

THE National Union of Miners and Allied Workers (NUMAW) has called on mining companies to be innovative in dealing with power deficit by establishing their own power generation plants for them to operate at full capacity.
NUMAW president James Chansa said in an interview yesterday that the power deficit the country is grappling with requires innovativeness from productive sectors to accelerate economic development.
Mr Chansa said the labour movement in the mining sector is happy about Konkola Copper Mines’ (KCM’s) intention to set up a 300 megawatts power plant for its operations.
“We are happy with KCM’s plans to put up a power generation plant for its operations. It is important for other companies to emulate KCM so that they can have enough power for their operations,” Mr Chansa said.
He said mine unions are expecting all mining firms to scale up their production in view of the increased copper prices on the international market and the country’s stable mining tax regime.
He said Government has done its part in providing an enabling environment for the mining sector through revision of various policies and implementation of a stable mining tax regime.
Mr Chansa said increased copper production by mining companies will culminate into creation of jobs for Zambians.
He said mine unions will always support investments that are meant to improve the socio-economic development of Zambians through creation of decent jobs.
Mr Chansa also implored mining firms to re-instate the miners who lost their jobs when copper prices fell on the international market.