Letter to the Editor

Deal with corrupt civil servants in Chingola

Dear editor,
WE appeal to the Public Service Management Division to seriously consider transferring some civil servants in Chingola to avert the rampant corruption the district is grappling with currently among the public service workers.The district has experienced high corruption levels among some police-men where people put on house arrest are openly mingling with them because they are on their payroll.
Even the case of the notorious C4 currently before courts of law is not going anywhere because of the invisible hand of inducement where witnesses are deliberately told to go into hiding so that the case is not proven.
If this scenario is left unattended to, the district will again be a haven for thuggery.
Honestly speaking, why should a known person in the murder of Debra Richie be let loose because he is a renowned young mining guru?
We, therefore, call upon President Edgar Lungu to transfer some civil servants in order to bring new faces that will bring sanity into the district.
As if that is not enough, some traffic police officers are harassing motorists even when there are traffic jams caused by road construction.

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