Deal with soccer hooliganism decisively

Dear editor
ALLOW me space in your national newspaper to express my views on what is happening in the Zambian MTN Super League.
We have had so far about three games that have been abandoned because of some bad officiating in a space of eight days.
This has resulted in fans throwing objects onto the football pitch.
What is our national sports council and football association doing to combat this vice?
If I may ask, who reports to who between the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) and the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ)?
Let’s call a spade a spade for once.
My humble appeal to FAZ is that it must find the cause of these abandonments instead of punishing the clubs only.
As a country bidding to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, I humbly urge our match officials and ardent soccer fans to behave in a manner that will indicate that Zambia is a mature nation.
If the vices of mishandling matches and the throwing of all sorts of missiles on the field of play by irate fans are not timely handled, they might reduce our chances of hosting the continental showpiece.
And may the NSCZ and FAZ consider beefing up our technical bench to help Honour Janza and Chintu Kampamba.
I am wishing our copper bullets all the best in their qualifiers. Go Zambia Goooooooo!