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Day of ‘Pentecost’ descend on Mumbwa


Gospel Grooves with FELIX NYAMBE
IT was like the proverbial fire falling on God’s disciples on the day of Pentecost, but nay, the night was July 31 at the Grace Ministries Mission International Church in the heart of Mumbwa.
Hundreds of congregants, predominantly from the rural town of Mumbwa, literally made their way to Grace Ministries for an overnight praise and worship that had targeted the youth.
Apart from Reverend Bruce Mulenga, who also acknowledged that the Grace Ministries was indeed the “last bus stop” for all those seeking the face and hand of God Almighty, a handful of gospel artistes’ revelations healed those in attendance.
Yes, the whole gospel buzz was the brain-child of Noel Mwakalima, who obviously was buoyed by the presence of both his parents, but the likes of Petershakes Kaira and Lawrence Chishimba were also up to the task.
On the night when the full armour of God was seemingly present throughout the night until the early hours of Saturday, the gospel artistes were just as revealing as on the day of Pentecost.
Noel, with his new album already making some changes in fellow youths’ lives, unleashed some of his new projects to the expectant congregants, whose hearts were also opening up to the Lord.
From the distance, you would notice how 33-year-old Noel, who also doubles as a staffer of the Ministry of Community Development, Mother and Child Health, was engulfed in some Holy Spirit-filled songs of praise and worship.
His songs such as the praise slam titled Namitotela (I thank you) came at the right time and right place because that was the whole essence of inviting all those whose hope lay in Jesus Christ.
Because Noel has been through deep valleys and high mountains in his young life, fear has not been part of his portion.
And so, when he unveiled to the congregants the song Nshakatine (I will not fear), Noel looked up to the scripture in Psalms 23 for some inspiration because even when he walked through the shadows of valley of death, he has overcome fear.
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