Day Nabulyato rebuked ministers

DR NABULYATO looks on as former President Kenneth Kaunda signs the visitors’ book at the National Assembly

“IT is unparlimentary to come to this House unprepared. In future, I am not going to allow such a situation to continue,” former Speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia, the late Robinson Nabulyato, warned.
He was rebuking cabinet ministers for going to Parliament unprepared and failing to answer questions raised by Members of Parliament (MPs) relating to their ministries.
Dr Nabulyato told the ministers that the practice needed to stop immediately because it was unparliamentary.
“Of late, I have been greatly concerned. From time to time, ministers come to Parliament unprepared and so fail to answer questions from MPS,” the Speaker said in a statement in 1979.
The Daily Mail carried a headline: ‘Mr Discipline carpets unprepared ministers.’
‘Mr Discipline said Zambians, through their MPs, had the right to get clarifications on certain points raised by MPs and ministers have the obligations to give satisfactory answers.
‘Dr Nabulyato dismissed the misconception by some members of the House that they had the right to discuss freely any point raised in the House.
“This is enshrined in our republican Constitution and if there is anyone who feels he can gag this House, he should go and CLICK TO READ MORE

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