Letter to the Editor

Day Airtel disappointed me

Dear editor,
I WISH to express my utmost displeasure in the way Airtel Zambia is handling the aspect of SIM re-registration as demanded by the law, I believe.
My eardrum has for the last few months been hit by messages urging me to re-register my number or it would be turned off, or something like that.
I have been to Airtel outlets at Waterfalls Mall twice just to ensure that the threat is eliminated through registering again. Some procedure was done on my phone and I was told my line was cleared but, surprisingly, the irritating message kept drumming. I went back to the Airtel outlet and I was told to ignore the message; that it would fizzle out. That did not happen.
Yesterday, I drove to an Airtel outlet at Arcades for the “last-ditch effort” to stop the noise and possibly verify whether I had re-registered as earlier told.
“May I have your ID,” the gentleman I found said. I reached out for my driving licence but he quickly pulled out a piece of paper and remarked, “Sorry we stopped using driving licences.”
Rather disappointed, I remarked: “The message I receive from yourselves talks about me using my NRC, driving licence or passport! If indeed you have changed, as that memo says, you should have used the same message coming whenever I am about to make a call to advise me. As it is, I have driven for more than five kilometres only to be turned back. This is unfair.”
Airtel is in telecommunication and its communication is supposed to be effective. Not quite on this one.

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