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David worships the Lord through rain, sunshine


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HE was only 15 when his father walked out on his mother, and as a consequence, he had to stop school in grade nine.
As if that was not devastating enough, upcoming gospel music singer, David Bwalya, lacked many things when he was growing up, but due to his firm belief in the Lord, he could afford to say, “Jesus you will never fail us.”
His mother is currently working as a maid and is doing her best to see David’s siblings through their education. Deep down his heart, David is sure that the Lord he worships will never fail him.
Today, at age 19, he still has hope for a brighter future as he puts it in his song that “Jesus will turn my miseries into miracles, in my young and vibrant life…” Amen!
With his four siblings being in high school, the first born in a family of five, has never given-up on his dream of completing school, although for now he has taken-up gospel music as a way of re uniting with his creator.
“Financially, I must admit we as a family are crippled, but we thank our mother who is a maid for using her meagre resources to see us through to the next day,” he says.
David started school at Munanu Basic School in Chisamba where he went up to grade nine, until 2012 when he dropped out due to lack of financial support.
When he reached the cross-road, being a seasoned singer in the New Apostolic Church choir (Chaminuka area branch), the young David looked up to his music talent to recount his life experiences in a song.
The Chipata township-based artiste said he decided to train himself as a music producer to reduce the costs of studio time.
In 2013, he began working on his maiden single, a befitting tribute to his dear mother, titled Ba Mai Banga recorded at Roge-P studios in his residential area.
“Soon, I realised I had the potential to record, and in no time, I began working on my other songs which I recorded at O.2 Record Studios in Kabanana Extension,” he said.
Believing that dry bones could indeed rise one day, David drew his inspiration from Ezekiel 37 to use the gift that God has placed in his voice to sing songs of hope.
The scriptures in Isaiah 6 and Romans 5:8, have been food for his soul as he continues to strive to be the ‘salt of the world’ and a revelation among his peers and siblings.
Two years ago, the songs There’s Life in the Word of God and Move On, gave him encouragement in view of the rejection by his father, knowing that whatever has happened, is for a purpose.
With most youths taking to hip hop or rap gospel music, David, just like the Biblical King David, sought to take music as a worship tool.
“I have been impressed by achievements of gospel hip hop artistes such as Tio, Mag44 and Pompi; while Abel Chungu is simply a marvel in Christian music,” he says about his role models in gospel music.
While he totally disagrees with the quartet for performing at events that feature circular artistes, David says he cannot condemn them because every Christian has their own understanding of the Bible.
On whether it was right for a gospel artiste to participate in the Mosi Zambian Music Awards sponsored and promoted by Zambian Breweries, he had this to say:
“In the Kingdom of God order is primary in everything you do, and in the Christian realm, light and darkness cannot mix,” said the singer who aspires to study Information Technology Communications and Mass Communication.
David’s word of encouragement to fellow youths is that God is ever present in every situation, and as long as one believes in the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus Christ, there is hope for every obedient child of God.
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