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Daugther turns mum into nanny

THE Chilenge Local Court was sent into laughter after a woman of Kalingalinga Township complained that she has been turned into a nanny by her daughter.
“Does it mean that I will be the one taking responsibility whenever my daughter is pregnant? I looked after her during her first pregnancy but she has been impregnated again by the same man,” Mary Nalunda an employee of Nemchem International cleaning company complained.
However, the court advised Nalunda to tell her daughter to sue for both child and pregnancy maintenance.
This was heard before Senior Court Magistrate George Kaoma in a case in which she sued Kampampa Nkonde, 24, also of the same Township for compensation for damage.
Nalunda told the court that Nkonde impregnated her daughter last year but that he has not offered any child support.
She was shocked to learn that Nkonde had again impregnated her daughter leaving Nalunda with no choice but to send her daughter off to live with Nkonde.
“My worry is that Nkonde impregnated another woman despite having a child with my daughter,” Nalunda said.
But Nkonde an employee of Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) said he had intentions of marrying Nalunda’s daughter but was disappointed when she told him that she was expecting the second child.
“I wondered how she fell pregnant because what I knew is that she was taking contraceptives. I was very shocked because I was not ready to have a second child. I’m also a dependent living with my brother,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court ordered Nkonde to compensate Nalunda with K6, 000 for damage starting with an initial payment of K1, 000.
Nkonde was then ordered to be paying K400 thereafter till he settles the amount.

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