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Daughter breaks mother’s heart

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
MOST mothers would rather go hungry to ensure that their children have food on the table. Women will go an extra mile to make the lives of their children comfortable. Some of these children who come from poverty-stricken backgrounds have made something out of their lives.

Even when such children know what their mothers went through to bring them up, some tend to despise their backgrounds and as they move up in the world of success, they do not want their friends to know their roots.

I know of a woman who was heartbroken because her daughter denied her that she was the mother and claimed the old woman was a maid. The woman had observed that her daughter was not warm towards her whenever she visited. It hurt her to recall how she would break her back to ensure that her daughter went through school. Her aim was to break the cycle of poverty in the family.
The woman would toil and take on extra jobs to see her daughter through school. The moment she got paid, her priority was paying for her daughter’s school fees. The daughter would walk several kilometres to get to school. There were times her daughter felt like giving up, especially when she saw how her mother sacrificed to put her through school, but her mother would give her the push and find comfort that one day, her daughter would take care of her in old age.
The daughter would also assure the mother that as soon as she was done with her school in the city, where she was at a higher institution of learning, her mother would move out of the ramshackle house in the village.
However, when the time came, that did not happen. She did not want her peers to know her background. Her mother was known as the house help whenever she visited her daughter in the city. It did not click to the mother that her daughter was ashamed of her until she realised how rude some of her friends were, with others calling her a useless maid.
Her heart sunk and holding back tears, she went to the bedroom and broke down. She recalled how she would break her back for her daughter’s education. The woman deprived herself of certain pleasures for the sake of her child.
She also remembered the promises that the daughter would make to her mother about taking care of her in old age. The memories of the empty promises kept flashing while tears rolled down her cheeks.
The next day, she packed her little bag and was on the next bus back to the village. While the daughter tried to deny what her mother had learnt, it was too late as the woman was broken. She could not believe that her daughter could be that cruel.
The old woman died a month later and the daughter, who was embarrassed of her poor mother, tried to make up by giving her a dignified send-off but the damage had already been done. The old woman went to her grave with a broken heart.
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