Danny sets base at Bonjangles

DANNY engaged with fans throughout his show.

FOR regular patrons of Bonjangles located at Kafubu Mall in Ndola, there is something to look forward to regularly as Danny Kaya has signed up to be performing at the venue once or twice every month.Last week Friday, Danny made his third performance at the venue before moving the following day to KEG at Mukuba Mall in Kitwe. That will actually be his pattern whenever he has a performance at Bonjangles.
When Danny made his appearance at Bonjangles, he was supported by Titus with Naso missing.
But nothing was missed from the performance. It was exactly as you would expect Danny to deliver at a show.
The audience was certainly not disappointed.
In an interview later with the Weekend Mail, Danny said he will continue alternating between Titus and Naso.
As was seen from his performance, nothing will be affected.
At Bonjangles, it was a packed house. The Mo Fire Band were indeed on fire. Danny delivered old favourites.
Throughout the show, Danny engaged his fans, something they seemed to enjoy as they danced and sung along with him.
Well, they should get used to this.
Towards the end, he asked the fans to propose the songs that they wanted him to perform. The suggestions varied which gave a clear indication of the high number of Danny’s songs that have impacted on his fans.
But Danny is not yet done. He says he is working on new material.

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