Danny has the vibe in Ndola

DANNY Kaya (middle) is joined by ‘The Vibe’ proprietors Chilubi (left) and Musunga when he performed at their joint in Ndola on Saturday. PICTURE: STAFRANCE ZULU

NOT for the first time, Danny Kaya was last weekend performing at The Vibe in Ndola where he once again delivered a performance oozing with quality.

Danny had earlier in May performed at the official opening of The Vibe.
But unlike at the official opening of the club, when he shared the stage with Ma Africa, this time around, a budding local artiste calling himself Furious turned out to be the unofficial supporting act.
He is a furious act.
Danny was evidently impressed with his performance.
At about 22:00 hours, the stage was set for performances. It was a female promising songbird by the name of Waza, who set the tone for the performance.
As would probably be expected, some revellers were not happy that she had taken to the stage; what they wanted was Danny. But never minding those against her, she went about her business of performing; she delivered two songs, Weekend and Marry Me.
The weekend was just starting, and if you were married, then it was your own fish to fry.
By the time she was leaving the stage, Waza had done enough to impress the sceptical audience members.
She did not even properly introduce herself to the audience because of the hostility from members of the audience.
But with that performance, she will probably not need to introduce herself the next time she performs to The Vibe patrons.
Danny Kaya’s long-time backing vocalist Titus took over the stage and sang some of Danny Kaya’s cover songs before performing his hit song Weakness.
With that, the stage for Danny’s performance was set.
Now, that is what the fans were waiting for.
He played songs like I Can’t Believe, Don’t Cry, Wambikile Umuti, As long As, Joni, Niulule and Live.
Those that regularly attend Danny’s shows know what happens every time he performs Live, a song that seeks to educate those who are sexually active to use protection.
Overly excited fans love to sing along to this song. But one fan/musician known as Furious (Kingsley Mulela) wanted everything done by himself. He wanted to sing as Danny listened to his performance. Danny obliged and the result was impressive such that he allowed him to perform two other songs of his own.
Danny commended Furious for his performance and said there is a possibility that they could work together in future.
Thereafter, Danny played two songs to close the show.
The weekend was made.

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