Letter to the Editor

Danglers for inter-town buses please!

Dear editor,
THE Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) and its sister agencies in the road sector have a big role to play in ensuring the safety of passengers on our roads.
RTSA has executed this task very well although there a few issues which it should look into in conjunction with some consumer and passenger rights organisations.
Most of the buses that go to outlying areas of the country such as Chama, Itezhi Tezhi, Lukulu, Lundanzi and Senanga are overloaded such that it compromises the safety and comfort of passengers.
In view of this, I wish to suggest that RTSA makes it mandatory for buses heading to and from these destinations to have danglers for storage to ensure not only comfort and safety for passengers but the trend of luggage remaining behind at bus stations.
Last Thursday, I sent goods to Lundazi via one of the operators, but it took two days for the luggage to be delivered.
Such can be avoided if buses have danglers because they will have enough capacity to mop up almost all the luggage.

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