Dambisa breaks silence with ‘African Baby’


AFTER an absence from the music scene, singer and songwriter Michelle D Lunda, also known as Dambisa, is back with a new single titled ‘African Baby’ featuring Destiny.
Co-produced by Trixtar and COG, ‘African Baby’ is a heavy afro-pop song which has a message centred on love and African beauty.
“‘African Baby’ talks about our people, us people of colour. It’s actually embracing where we come from. I’m talking about things like I am a true definition of life. My skin is like the soil, I am the soil, the soil that gives meaning to life.
“Without the dirt, we can have no food. We can have nothing. But my skin has the potential to mend and become one with my land. In this song, I’m saying I’m a true definition of God’s creation,” she said.
Dambisa wants to release two more songs in a short period of time and she is calling this challenge a triple threat.
The other two songs that she is working on bear the titles ‘Popopo’ and ‘Money Game’.
Dambisa said the song ‘African Baby’ was inspired by the slave trade and the perception at the time that white-skinned people were superior.
She feels the black skin is a true definition of beauty and God’s perfect creation.
Since coming on the music scene, Dambisa has only been releasing singles.
Although she is working on her debut album, Dambisa prefers singles because albums don’t bring in a lot of money compared to what an artiste puts in.
She says people need to respect change, their perception of the music industry and cherish the creations of artistes.
“We the artistes are mainly instruments to the voiceless. We speak for the multitudes that can’t speak for themselves and we express emotions that other people hide. To my fans out there, your love, support, encouragement, you coming to my inbox telling me to say I’ve been quiet has built this momentum. This hunger that I had to release something,” she said.

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