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‘Dad celebrated my brother’s death’

A 16-YEAR-OLD girl of Kabwe’s Chowa township has testified in the Kabwe High Court how her father allegedly ‘celebrated’ the death of her brother aged one year.
And the girl’s sibling aged 15, also testified in the same court that he found his brother lying in bed with blood oozing from his mouth.
The two siblings were testifying before Kabwe High Court judge Elita Mwikisa in a case involving their father who is alleged to have murdered his son.
The accused, who was present in court as his children testified against him, is alleged to have killed his son on March 25, this year.
The girl narrated to the court how she overheard her father allegedly laughing over the death of her brother in a telephone conversation with an unknown person.
“My father came home around 18:00 hours and at about 21:00 hours, I heard him laughing during a telephone conversation and he said the child had died and there was a funeral,” she said.
She told the court that on the material day in the morning, she prepared her brother for school (day care) and that he did not exhibit any sign of illness.
“When I was returning home from school, I found my father at Ngungu round-about as he was waiting for a taxi.
“When I asked him where he was heading to, he told me he was going into town as my mother had asked him to pick up something,” she said.
She testified that she was surprised to see her father alone as her brother was left in his custody after the deceased returned from school.
The girl further narrated that when she arrived home, she was informed about her brother’s death.
Her immediate brother told the court that when he reached home from school, he saw his father emerging from his brother’s bedroom.
The juvenile told the court that when he inquired if his brother had returned from school, the father said he did.
“My father told me my brother was sleeping. I went in the bedroom where he was sleeping to change my clothes but at that point I did not notice anything strange as his head was facing down.
“Around 16:00 hours, I decided to cook porridge for my brother and when I went to wake him up, I discovered blood coming out of his month and I called my father for help  for about three times  but he did not come,” he said.
The juvenile said the accused who was in the sitting room at the time of the incident allegedly refused to attend to his brother rather advised that a nurse next door attends to him.
“When the nurse came, my father told her to check what was wrong with my brother. The nurse then advised that he be rushed to the clinic,” he said.
The juvenile said the nurse later informed him that his brother had died.
Ms Justice Mwikisa adjourned the case to September 16 for continued trial.

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