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Cyber Security vital for growth of business sector

The growing economic and digital landscape in the country calls for business entities to ensure they stay place a greater emphasis on the cyber security aspect of their business, says Liquid Intelligent Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Mark Townsend.
Mr Townsend was speaking during the launch of the Liquid Intelligent Technologies Cyber Security service offering package in Lusaka.
“One of the most important aspects to cyber security is that it is multi-faceted, it is something that every person needs to consider. Our security while online as individuals, as businesses, as pubic institution is vital. The tools we offer will support protecting you while you are online,” he said.
He said the scale at which potential hackers are trying to penetrate into business systems is high, thus the need for business owners to continually innovate and seek solutions to protecting their business.
Mr Townsend said Cyber security is a real and eminent threat to businesses and their end users, thus the need for continued research and innovations in the products to protect business entities.
“Having a partner like Liquid Intelligent ensures that you are protected not only as a business but also as an individual, this service looks to protect Zambian businesses from Cyber Threats and online attacks through offering end-to-end managed services for digital security solutions,” he said.
He said the offering is designed to protect customers at every intersection of their digitally transformed business including network, people, and systems, revolutionizing how cyber security is approached.
And Liquid Intelligent Technologies Executive Head, Cloud and Cybersecurity Shuko Chunga said the Cyber security services offer an opportunity to small-scale enterprises to leverage the opportunities that the digital space offers, while keeping their information and data secure.
“One thing we need to acknowledge are the changes in our society, the government is talking about things like e-government, e-commerce and digital payment,” he said.
“As we leverage the digital opportunities that we have, the question that arises is, how do we ensure that this is done in a safe way?” he said.
Mr Chunga said the services provided by liquid technologies place a greater emphasis on helping the client to avoid certain pitfalls that face the business owner, such as hacking.
“We help to asses your business, determine the best way possible to protect it. We provide customers the opportunity to identify the baseline with regards to where they are understanding in terms of the law and the all other opportunities that exist within the digital business space,” he said.