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from L-R: Shuko Chunga - Country Executive Head C2, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia, Felix Mutati – Minister of Science and Technology in Zambia, Mark Townsend – Chief Executive Officer, Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zambia during the launch of the Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Lusaka.

Cyber law to be applied

– Mutati says ZICTA being strengthened to fight online crimes

MINISTER of Technology and Science Felix Mutati has said the revised cyber security law will be applied without hesitation to clamp down on those involved in online crimes.
Mr Mutati said Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA), with support from law enforcement agencies, is now able to track fraudulent activities in the shortest period of time.
He said just last year, about two million sim cards were deactivated and criminals exposed in cybercrime-related cases.
“In 2021, over 10 million cyber-attacks were reported and this shows that we are not safe at all, but we are strengthening ZICTA to fight these crimes, and about two million sim cards were deactivated last year for fraud and cyber-related crimes,” he said during the launch of the first-ever Liquid Intelligent Technologies Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Zambia.
The Cyber Security Fusion Centre in Lusaka is designed to allow the company to have oversight and understanding of the rising cyber threats its customers face in real time.
Government has signed a memorandum of understanding with Liquid Technologies aimed at connecting all secondary schools across the country to its fibre optic network so that teaching computer lessons is improved.
Speaking at the launch of the centre yesterday, Liquid Intelligent Technologies chief executive officer Mark Townsend said the facility, which is Liquid’s third centre in Africa after South Africa and Kenya, will enable the company to protect its clients from cyberattacks and boost their online security.
“This is an additional arm to ensure clients avoid these harmful attacks,” he said.
“As technology evolves, criminals get smarter but we also need to get smarter, hence taking this step to protect clients.
“We also intend to expand our optic fibre outreach to involve secondary schools and we shall soon launch a data centre in the country.”
Liquid Intelligent Technologies cloud and cyber security country executive head Shuko Chunga said the centre relies on the data gathered and manages every element of cyber protection using the intelligence to build a mesh to identify, mitigate and protect businesses across the continent.
He said the new centre is also a beacon that raises awareness about the vital need for cyber security for all businesses.
“The centre also stands as a key pillar in Zambia’s growth plans as it continues its digital transformation journey,” he said.
“Therefore, there is need for governments, enterprises and citizens to be aware of the dangers of operating in the online space and equip themselves with the ability to mitigate cyber threats.”
Mr Mutati said the vision by Liquid Intelligent Technologies to connect everybody is commendable.
“To empower communities through schools by delivering appropriate technologies will definitely transform lives,” he said. “The world has been re-made by technology and this digital transformation is irreversible and unstoppable, hence the need to invest in cyber security to protect ourselves from attacks.”…