Letter to the Editor

Cut prices for local league jersey replicas

Dear editor,
FOOTBALL Association of Zambia needs to find ways of reducing prices for our local league jersey replicas in order to grow and promote football in the country.
Tuesday’s edition, March 27, of the Zambia Daily Mail newspaper featured an article where the Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo called on soccer fans to start supporting the Super Division.
I therefore wish to second the minister’s view on the need to support the Super Division.
One way in which this can be made possible is putting up strategies that could increase fan attendance at football stadiums.
Additionally, when one compares the price ranges of foreign clubs’ replicas to the local jerseys, the local ones are more expensive.
Fans have opted to buying foreign jerseys in this regard and it’s evident in stadia as you see most of the fans wearing foreign jersey replica while watching a local league.
Fans would buy a foreign jersey replica with a colour similar to their foreign club they support.
A reasonable price tag on the local jersey replica would contribute greatly to the quest of increasing support to our local football clubs.
At the moment, it’s very difficult for most of us with low income earnings to acquire local replicas, yet we make up a huge fan base for most of our clubs.
Therefore, FAZ should find ways of helping soccer fans by engaging with clubs to see how prices can be regulated.
For instance, a maximum cost of a replica should be K200 instead of K500.
Please, help grow clubs visibility by selling replicas at affordable prices.

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