Letter to the Editor

Culture of thieving in companies detrimental to growth

Dear editor,
RECENTLY there were reports of women stealing money from their employers and banks in particular.
While many people raised eyebrows at what the ladies did, the sad reality is that there is a lot of stealing going on in companies by employees.
While some are caught, others cover their tracks and continue to serve in these companies.
A culture of thieving is what is holding companies and the country back.
Some people habitually siphon money from their companies and they are not caught.
These habits become termites which eat up the companies.
Sometimes when we hear that a company has closed shop we conclude that the business environment is bad or management was incompetent when in fact it is because of some employees stealing.
As a country, we need to raise integrity bars among employees otherwise we should forget about economic growth and development.
If companies cannot thrive, then they cannot contribute to economic growth and job creation.
And if companies close because they become bankrupt, it means more people are thrown out of jobs.
This is what those in the habit of stealing must bear in mind.
As long as they continue to steal, when the company goes under, they do not only deprive themselves of an income but throw many other employees out of employment.
Subsequently, many families are driven into destitution by seemingly simple acts of theft.

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